• Batteries – our Exide batteries come with a 1 or 2 year guarantee – let us help you get started!
  • Call Outs – If you get stuck with a flat give us a call, driving with a flat tyre is unsafe and can damage it beyond repair in just a few meters – 021 876 3171
  • Car collection & delivery – if you need us to collect and deliver your vehicle from home or work just let us know – whatever works best for you.
  • Lifts home – if you want a lift home while the work is being done on your car it would be a pleasure to oblige!
  • Rim Repairs – if it is a heavy duty welding job or a precision stylish mag repair – we can help!
  • Mags / Wheels / Rims – please see our A line range available in the products section.
  • New Tyres – we supply all major brands and a comprehensive range of budget tyres for cars, trucks, tractors and many other types of vehicles! 🙂
  • Puncture Repairs – If you notice that one of your tyres is slowing  losing air come and let us check for a puncture.
  • Wheel Alignment – Regular wheel alignment can also increase the life of your tyres. Does your car pull to left or right? Wheel alignment is one of the things that could solve the problem.
  • Wheel Balancing – Regular wheel balancing can increase the life of your tyres. Does your steering wheel shake or does your drive feel bumpy? Wheel balancing may be just what you need.

All this is available to meet your needs – including coffee if  you choose to wait while we work!

Contact Details

Tel: 021 876 3171
Fax: 021 876 3176
E-mail: info@ftyres.co.za

Shop 1
7 Main Road
Franschhoek 7690